Techno-Wizard "Shadow Wraith" Blade:

There is much speculation on the origins of these weapons. There is the rumor of a magical Pre-Rifts Katana being found in the runes of Old Chicago which inspired this weapon. It was said to be able to simply pass through normal body armor and effect the person inside of the armor. The weapon's unique abilities make it extremely popular with both techno-wizards and other magic wielders. While this weapon does not appear to have found its way to Japan, it is likely that it would be incredibly popular with Techno-Wizard Ninjas if it found its way to the island.

Like similar techno-wizard weapons, the Shadow Wraith Blade comes in a variety of different styles including Katana, Ninja-to, Sabre, Rapier, and Long Sword styles with Katana and Ninja-to being the most common styles. The weapon does not come in heavy styles such as a Claymore like the Deathbringer and Battle Fury weapons. The weapon is usually constructed with a dull black blade although some are a dull dark grey as well. The theme is usually copied in the handle with black silk wrapped handles common on Katana and is often black enameled on western style weapons. Some have the figures of ghosts engraved into the blade and handle of the weapon.

The weapon has two basic powers. The simplest is the ability to turn the wielder invisible. This is similar to the ability of Invisibility: Simple and the invisibility does not cover most sensors although is not dispelled when the wielder attacks. The other is the ability of wraith blade. When activated, the weapon becomes intangible and can penetrate most armors. It also can effect most intangible creatures including vampires in mist form.

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