Techno-Wizard Power Weapon Scabbard:

When a techno-wizard that goes by the name Aurora discovered the spell Power Weapon, she decided to invent a weapon sheath or scabbard that would automatically activate the spell upon the drawing of the weapon. Since she has invented the TW item, many Techno-Wizards have copied it and the magic item, while still rare, is becoming more and more common. At the time of her creation of the scabbard, she was unaware of using emeralds as natural magic energy batteries. Due to this, her version is very expensive and difficult to make due to the high P.P.E. cost of making it. The scabbard generally has four smoky quartz crystals which each can store 35 P.P.E. and allow the item to be activated up to four times. A few have been designed with eight crystals but they are extremely expensive.

Several techno-wizards decided to improve upon her design and use emeralds instead of smoky quartz. While each of the emeralds is far more expensive than the quartz, it requires far lass magical enemy to enchant and as a result is easier to make and less expensive to buy generally. The emerald version also does not require the spell of talisman. It is likely that this version will become more common that the original version. The scabbards are commonly made with seven emeralds to allow the power to be activated up to four times but some have been designed with only three gems and some have even been designed with fourteen emeralds. It is interesting that Aurora has abandoned the version using quartz crystals as well.

Normal S.D.C. weapons will have their S.D.C. damage converted to M.D.C. but anytime an M.D.C. inflicting melee weapon (including magical, rune, techno-wizard style, or technological), the weapon's damage is increased by 25% as long as the scabbard has enough P.P.E. to activate the spell. For example: A Rune weapon that inflicts 1D6x10 MD normally would be increased to 2D4x10 when drawn from the scabbard. See Federation of Magic, page 144 for details on the spell. It can be activated by those who are not spell casters or psychics themselves as well. The P.P.E. cannot be used for other purposes. In general the scabbard has to be made for the specific weapon although in some cases all similar weapons can use the same scabbard (Example: Virtually all Katanas could use the same scabbard).

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