Techno-Wizard Phase Belt:

This magic item is unusual in that in general a Techno-Wizard much work with a Temporal Wizard or Warrior to create it. Otherwise, the Techno-Wizard must be of extremely high level (Ninth Level or Higher to learn temporal spells) to be able to create the item on their own. Because of this, the components required, and the initial creation in terms of magical energies, this item is most costly than most techno-wizard items.

What this belt allows the wearer to do is to become intangible for a limited period. It uses the spell "D-Phase: Superior" to do this. When activated, the wearer can pass right through walls and other barriers. It also makes them immune to most weapon attacks. Only magic and psychic attacks will generally effect them. See spell description for more details.

Unfortunately, the spell is extremely costly in terms of magical energy which makes greatly limits the number of activations. To compensate for this, the belt is fitted with emeralds which are used as a magical energy battery. Commonly, at least ten emeralds are fitted to the belt to allow at least two activations which some have fifteen in them.

In style, the Phase Belt look like some sort of force field belt from an old Fifties science fiction series. They generally have a number of high tech appearing devices attached to them and often contain a number of blinking lights as well. The center of the belt is always a good sized diamond. When the belt is active, a milky swirling can be seen inside the belt.

As might be expected, these belts are extremely popular with techno-wizard thieves. It also is extremely popular with super-spies especially those that are practitioners of mystic arts themselves. This way, they can recharge the belt with their own magical energies if needed. It can be used my non spell casters as well although they cannot recharge the belt except as it recharges normally.

Some belts have been fitted with multiple dimensional pockets to be able to carry additional gear in them.

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