Techno-Wizard “Mirrored Lightning” Sword:

Enchanted Techno-Wizard Sword which can be found in a variety of different forms including that of a Rapier, Cutlass, Long Sword, Katana, and Sabre. No matter what the form of the weapon, it has the same enchantments and is quite effective. The weapons are created using special techno-wizardry which is only known in a few places, like Storm Spire, and holds similar enchantments to the better known Deathbringer and Battle Fury weapons. Their ability to reflect energy back at opponents and throw multiple lightning bolts makes them very popular. They are especially beloved by ship crews and some have found their way to star ship crews in the Three Galaxies where they are much in demand as well.

Many of the weapons are works of art even without the enchantments. Weapons are often highly engraved and are often decorated with silver, gold, or precious gems in the hilt of the bladed weapon. The weapon's blade is normally bright, almost mirrored in appearance, silver. Whenever one of the enchantments on the blade are activated, the blade glows a blight blue with what appears to be lightning crawling over the surface of the blade.

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