Techno-Wizard Mirror “Reflection” Shield:

This Techno-Wizard shield comes in a number of different shields including a small round shield and a forearm hugging vambrace. It can also be sometimes be found in larger forms such as a larger round shield, roman style shield, or even a kite shield. The outer surface of the shield is as reflective as a mirror and is commonly silver in color although some are mirrored in gold as well. In decoration, some shields are plain while others are highly decorated with intricate designs.

No matter what the appearance of the shield, they exhibit the same abilities. The shield is extremely tough and takes no damage from energy weapons. Even without the shields additional powers, it is considered extremely useful for parrying energy weapons fired at the wielder. The more minor of the two abilities of the shield is to create blinding flashes. Like the spell, the ability does not work through most body armors or power armors with built in eye protection. The second is the enchantment on the shield which when activated allows the shield to reflect energy weapons. The ability allows the wielder of the shield to reflect the blast back at the person firing at them or at another although striking another is more difficult.

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