Techno-Wizard “Mask of Deceit” Hairpin:

This magic item is a relatively simple and common techno-wizard item which allows the wearer to magically creates an illusionary mask over the person's own facial features. Age, gender, skin color, hair color, hair style, hair length, and specific features are composed with thought. However, the magic of the item is limited to facial features and does not apply to any other part of the body. The wearer can attempt to imitate a specific person's face, but has a 20%+ 5% per level of experience of the creator of the item. If the wearer has the disguise skill, use that base skill instead. Saving Throw: Everyone encountering the person gets a save vs magic, but is at -4 to succeed. A successful save means the true features are seen, not the mask.

This item is more commonly worn by women but men find ways of wearing the item as well. The item can come in the from of a Hairpin but hair clasps are not unknown. The hairpin is designed to be used by psychics as well as mages. The item itself is constructed from silver and has tiny emeralds mounted on it. Some hairpins are incredible works of art.

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