Techno-Wizard “Magic Shield” Arm Bracer:

Some adventurers like to use shield but they both tend to get destroyed quickly and are heavy to lug around. An anonymous techno-wizard however came up with the idea of creating an enchanted bracer that would be able to active the spell of “Magic Shield.” Te techno-wizard shield bracer has become surprisingly popular even though a comparative recent creation.

Using principles similar to that which was used to create the T.W. Magic Sheath, it was relatively easy to create. There are similar enchanted bracers as well which create an “Armor of Ithan” around the person wearing the bracer. Enchanted emeralds are used to store mystical energy to active the bracer. Most often three emeralds are part of the bracer with each emerald containing 20 P.P.E. and each is worth a minimum of 1,000 credits.

Whenever the magic shield is activated, the magical energy is pulled from the emeralds and the magic can be activated even by those who are not talented in magic. Unlike the standard spell, the shield cannot be passed to another and remains part of the bracer.

The enchantment lasts for two minutes per level of the creator and costs 6 P.P.E. per activation.

P.P.E. Cost to Create: 195 + 40 per emerald (315 P.P.E. most common).

Spells Needed: Mystic Alarm (5), Magic Shield (6).

Physical Requirements: Silver Bracer (Can be decorated with gold), Emeralds - normally three or more (worth 1,000 credits or more each), and Sapphire (worth 2,000 credits or more).

Duration of Charge: Eight (8) melee rounds (two minutes) per level of experience of creator.

M.D.C. of Shield: 60 - Shield takes one quarter damage from all attacks in parries (effectively has 240 M.D.C. for purposes of parrying attacks.)

Bonuses / Special: Shield has +1 to parry. Can be used to parry energy blasts with at -3 penalty.

Cost of Activation: 6 P.P.E., draws P.P.E. from storage in emeralds. Each emerald stores 20 P.P.E. with a normal total of 60 P.P.E. The bracer regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per melee round at a ley line or at a nexus point.

Cost: 100,000 credits for enchanted bracer with an additional 2,000 credits per emerald.

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