Techno-Wizard Light Blade Sword:

The writeup is an expansion on the writeup in Rifter 2 by Mike Sumimoto.

In many ways, this weapon could be seen as the more powerful big brother of the Techno-Wizard Flaming Sword. The weapon is more powerful than the original flaming sword but has a shorter duration and requires more magical or psychic energy to power. As well, the weapon's effectiveness against vampires makes an ideal weapon to hunt vampires. The weapon has become especially popular with psychics who do not have the ability of psi-sword and with combat techno-wizards. As well, the weapon is very popular with techno-wizard vampire hunters, cyberknights, undead slayers, and other psychic vampire hunters.

The blade is basically the spell 'Light Blade' from an object instead of a spell casters hand and has all the bonuses and penalties with the spell. If the weapon is created by a low level techno-wizard (first through third level), the weapon's blade will be about the length of a short sword (2.5 feet / 0.8 meters) and be about as wide as a rapier (1 inch / 2.5 cm.) A mid level techno-wizard (fourth through ninth level) will make a weapon that resembles a bastard sword (3.75 feet long and 2.5 inches wide / 1.1 meters long and 6.4 cm wide.) A high level techno-wizard will create a weapon that is the length of a two handed sword (4.25 feet long / 1.3 meters) and have a blade about four inches (10 cm) wide. In all cases, the weapon's blade is weightless and easy to handle.

The weapon in its simplest form is a simple metal or wooden handle with a wide opening at one end with a large diamond imbedded inside. This is where the energy blade appears when the techno-wizard weapon is activated. Many weapon's handles are customized by their creators and are styled to like 'light sabers' from a famous Pre-Rifts movie series. The various styles are named after the various characters who used them. Some techno-wizard have even created a double blade version of the weapon after the weapon used by the main villain in one of the movies. This weapon is really just two light blade swords attached and requires double the energy to activate both blades. The double blade version is also notoriously dangerous to use.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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