Techno-Wizard “Greater” P.P.E. Jewelry:

Techno-Wizard Jewelry has become a fad among techno-wizards and other mages who are willing to use techno-wizard created items as well. The emeralds store magical energy and can be quite a boost to a spell casters abilities. They are far easier to make than talismans storing magical energy due to requiring far less magical energy to create even though they cannot store as much magical energy. A second advantage is that anyone can charge them unlike Talismans. Some spell casters, especially female, have gone to wearing a huge amount of these enchanted jewelry to boost their abilities. They seem to have gone to almost gypsy look with their jewelry with multiple rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Of course this can get extremely bulky.

No one knows who came up with the solution but it was extremely simple. The idea might have even been come up with by several techno-wizards independently. This was to create a larger piece of jewelry containing multiple emeralds like the Techno-Wizard scabbard. One of the ideas was a jeweled gold or silver belt with around thirty emeralds on it. Other ideas were to create a slender gold or silver crown which incorporates emeralds. Hair Nets which fill the similar role as well. These can be made in a wide variety of styles. A third idea is to create a wide collar of a basically ancient Egyptian style. Other ideas include bracelets with multiple emeralds in it. Can be in the style of a tennis bracelet or other styles. A final idea is a choker style collar.

In the creation of the greater version of the jewelry, smaller emeralds are normally used. Those more commonly used in rings are usually used. Some of the jewelry, such as the belt, can be worn under their clothing although can be worn outside their clothing as well. Some even combine these pieces of greater jewelry with other techno-wizard jewelry for even more magical energy. One advantage of the greater jewelry over smaller pieces of jewelry is that is has the ability to slowly recharge. The possessor can siphon more magic energy into the greater jewelry as she desires.

P.P.E. Storage: Belt & Wide Collar: 300. Crown, Bracelet, Choker Collar, & Hair Nets: 120

The Belt and Wide Collar regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per melee at a ley line or at a nexus point.

P.P.E. Cost to Create: Belt & Wide Collar: 600. Bracelet, Crown, Choker Collar, & Hair Nets: 240.

Physical Requirements: Belt & Wide Collar: 30 Emeralds worth 500 Credits each and gold or silver belt / collar worth 10,000 credits or more. Bracelet, Crown, Choker Collar, & Hair Nets: 12 Emeralds worth 500 Credits each and gold or silver crown (or hair net / choker collar) worth 5,000 credits or more.

Black Market Price: Belt & Wide Collar: 80,000 Credits. Bracelet, Crown, Choker Collar, & Hair Nets: 40,000 Credits

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