Techno-Wizard Elemental Mines:

The Walter Paper

Early in 105 P.A., a long range Vermont Free State patrol on a deep recon of the areas surrounding Lake Eire, witnessed a dogfight between Coalition and Free Quebec air units, and the subsequent crash of a Coalition Nightwing stealth jet near their position. Eager to gather as much intel as they could, and equally eager not to reveal their presence, the patrol quickly trekked to the crash site and grabbed anything that looked important to them. Minutes later, the jet's wingmates arrived on the scene and proceeded to bomb the wreckage and surrounding area to its constituent molecules. Taking the hint, the VFS patrol silently slipped away into the wilderness, apparently unseen.

Returning to base, the patrol turned over their finds to their commanders. It was then that they began to get a hint of what it was they'd found. By great fortune, the patrol had stumbled upon the remains of a courier jet, carrying sealed orders and copies of new military manuals (on disc) to the CSN base at Halifax when it had been intercepted by Free Quebec military units. The courier, Benjamin Walter, had not had time to activate the self-destruct switch and charge-device on his courier bags when the attack came...or else the self-destruct mechanism somehow malfunctioned. In any case, the VFS now had the Coalition's new tactical and strategic policies guidelines to study.

What alarmed them, though, was reference to the "tactical use, and procedures relating to, the deployment of shipborne nuclear devices in the maritime combat theatre", ....the Coalition's plans to use ship-launched nukes.

Paladin Steel was shocked. Here was confirmation of the existence of Coalition nuclear weapons, and weapons deployed on vessels within easy range of their pwn facilities. Given that the Coalition's policies on nuclear torpedoes were less stringent than for strategic weapons, PS began to fear for its new marine facilities at New Bath, and its new types of large vessels, which they considered possible targets.

The Walter Paper has galvinized PS to seek possible defenses against nuclear attack, and factored strongly in PS's decision to develop its own low-yield nuclear weapons. PS is looking at ways to harden their larger vessels against the effects of close-proximity nuclear detonations, as well as more elaborate anti-torpedo defenses. PS has recently begun experimenting, with T-Tech as a partner, on applying Techno-Wizardry and Warlock magic to the problem, possibly using Armor of Ithan and Elemental magic to shield against the shockwave effects of submarine nuclear explosions.

Its also had a profound affect on PS's own ideas and policies towards the Coalition Navy. Whereas Paladin Steel and the Vermont Free State had previously tried to avoid contact with the CSN, recognizing their usefulness as a buffer against Splugorth activity in the North Atlantic, they must now contemplate more aggressive policies towards the Coalition naval presence. Should all-out war break out between the Coalition and the eastern kingdoms, the VFS has several plans to quickly, seize or otherwise neutralize New Halifax.

Elemental Torpedoes & Underwater Mines:

The first companies to develop Elemental Torpedoes were T-Tech and Paladin Steel. These Torpodoes are known as Warlock Torpedoes. There were initially designed so that they could deal with Coalition forces which they expected to meet. In addition to the numbers required for their military, many other parties were interested in the torpedoes including many other techno-wizards. The two companies simply could not keep up with demand and several other groups of techno-wizards decided that they would see if they could copy the design. With the assistance of water warlocks, they were able to copy the torpedoes and were able to also produce mines using the same basic principles. Several techno-wizard navies use these torpedoes and mines regularly.

Elemental Torpedoes are modified heavy torpedoes with the conventional warhead replaced with a one-shot crystals containing the enchantment and a P.P.E. battery to power the spell. Upon reaching its target/being triggered, the Warlock Torpedo activates, casting its spell and going up spectacularly. The torpedo can have all the standard guidance systems whihc are normally available on conventional torpedoes with active sonar guided and wire guided being the most common. Mines are presently limited to only large types of mines and can use a variety of detonation. Common Detonation systems include contact, magnetic, timer, and remote controlled. Both torpedoes and underwater mines are similar in nature to the land mines in that they are combination of techno-wizardry and warlock magic.

The problem with Elemental Torpedoes and Underwater Mine is, of course, that with the exception of the Whirlpool Torpedo (which is produced by T-Tech and Paladin Steel using both Elemental magic and conventional Ocean Magic spells), the line is dependant on the friendly cooperation of Water Warlocks to produce. Combining conventional techno-wizardry and the much more exclusive Elemental magics is a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process. As a result, Elemental Torpedoes and Underwater Mines tend to be fairly rare on the market, hard to come by, and expensive. Buyers of Elemental Torpedoes, even the paramilitary forces of T-Tech and the VFS, tend to horde their stocks of these powerful munitions, using them only for special missions and desperate situations. As stocks increase, though, it's expected that these weapons will see increased distribution and use among the Five Star Technologies forces.

Currently, Paladin Steel and T-Tech (along with several other companies) are trying to refine the processes involved to create smaller and cheaper warheads for mounting on smaller torpedoes. One advantage of this is that Rocket Boosted Torpedoes could be developed.

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