Techno-Wizard Dragonfire Shield:

This techno-wizard item might have been inspired by a magic shield from another realm but is still an extremely interesting item in its own right. The shield can be found in a variety of different styles, from a relatively small round shield to a much larger kite type shield. Other styles include vambrace style shields, larger round shields, and even roman type wall shields. All shields have in common that they have the design of a dragon head on the shield facing outwards. Some shields are fairly simple with an extremely stylized dragon head while others have an extremely realistic design of a dragon's head. Colors are just as varied, some a simple metallic while others are intricately colored to mimic the colors of a dragon's head. It all seems to be based on the skill and desires of the techno-wizard creating the shield.

The shield is extremely tough and only blows specifically aimed at the shield will inflict any damage. As well, the shield is enchanted so that it will regenerate damage to it unless it is completely destroyed. The shield takes no damage from energy weapons or spells which use energy. As such, it can be extremely useful for parrying attacks such as opponents firing energy rifles or throwing lightning bolts at the wielder of the shield. The more incredible ability is that the shield can be powered so that the mouth of the shield breaths fire. Range is limited and the shield can only breath fire twice in a fifteen second period but is still extremely effective. A second enchantment of the shield allows the wielder to become impervious to fire.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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