Techno-Wizard Crystal Warheads:

Techno-wizards can created enchanted warheads for a variety of different weapons. The basic rule is that the round must be large enough to carry an explosive warhead. This works out to a warhead being at least as large as a 20 gauge shotgun shell. Special warheads can be produced for pump pistol rounds, arrow warheads, grenades (hand thrown / launched), cannon shells, mini-missiles, larger missile types, as well as even torpedoes and mines (both land and water mines.) The spell "Spell Store" enables an item to be created that when it is smashed, it activated a spell. The problem is that the items are normally very fragile and can be set off by the user if they are not careful. They are also simply too dangerous to be fired from any type of weapon because they will often go off when fired. If a stronger material is used, there is strong risk that spell storing item will not break and as such, not activate. A techno-wizard, his or her name lost in history, decided that there needed to be a solution to the problem. The idea was to enchant a quartz crystal with the enchantment of "Spell Store" with a small amount of explosives with a trigger. The warhead is then encased in high strength composites or alloys to protect the whole warhead. The trigger can be a variety of different styles including timed (For most grenades), impact, radar, magnetic, or altitude fused. Basically, it can be fused with any available style of trigger. When the trigger is activated, the explosive shatters the crystal and activates the spell.

The enchantments on the warheads are limited as per the spell "Spell Store" and are limited to non-ritual spells and the spell cannot be an illusion. Other than that, virtually any spell can be enchanted into the warhead. The way the spell activates when it is created and spells are limited to levels one through eight. The spell is cast at the level of the wizard who created the warhead. The warheads are too expensive, both in terms of P.P.E. and monetary, to be produced in large numbers so that someone can continuously fire them from a pistol or rifle, but can be very effective and dangerous.

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