Techno-Wizard Boots of "Superhuman Speed":

This magical footwear is believed to have been inspired by magical boots which were created by an Alchemist from another world. The techno-wizard observed the boots and wanted to create a techno-wizard version of the same basic type. Unable to exactly duplicate the enchantment of the normal magic item, the techno-wizard instead incorporated the spell of "Superhuman Speed" into the boots.

In appearance, the boots can be made from a variety of materials although they are usually decorated with silver designs. Common silver designs include lightning bolts and wing designs. The boots can be of virtually any type from ankle style books to boots that reach up almost to the calves. The boots are usually made from leather but can be from high tech materials as well.

When activated, the boots bestows the wearer with the incredible speed attribute of 44 (equal to 30 mph / 48.3 kph) and adds a bonus of both + 2 to parry and + 6 to dodge for the duration of the enchantment. While the enchantment is active, all movements performed are done without fatigue.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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