Techno-Wizard “Black Myst” Ninja-To:

There are plenty of stories about the great and noble samurai with the Katana created by the great and noble swords maker. Ninjas needed a weapon that is equal to them so they have been trying to come up with a weapon that is the equal of them. The traditional ninjas have been trying to get sword makers to create their own versions of the rune Katana. The Techno-Wizards that are members of the Technological Ninja clans have come up with an alternative weapon. These weapons are very similar to those available in the Federation of Magic and a very informed individual might suspect that some of the ideas came from them. No one really knows but these weapons are powerful and very effective in the hands of the technological Ninjas. The biggest problem was than many of those Ninjas are not mages themselves, so a means of storing magical energy had to be devised. A situation was finally devised, this was to store magical energy in crystals that would regenerate the magical energy.

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