Techno-Wizard Barrage Fire Bow:

Special enchanted bow which is created by Techno-Wizard Archers. Most common style are modern compound bows and long bows although crossbow styles are created as well. The bows are extremely well balanced and extremely accurate. Many contains high tech sighting systems for long range shooting. The enchantment process to create these enchanted weapons is similar to that of magic weapons such as the Deathbringer and Battle Fury weapons although it is a missile weapon. The bow themselves are made from enchanted wood and / or high strength composites and do not regenerate damage like the enchanted swords. Arrows fired from the bow will have twice the range of arrows fired from a conventional version of the bow.

The true specialty of this bow is not in these abilities but instead in the ability to allow the shooter to fire incredibly fast, one might say that they can fire as a barrage and this is where the weapon gets its name. When this enchantment is activated, the archer can fire the bow at an incredible rate, something like twice as fast as he or she can normally. The cost is relatively high in terms of magical energy but the effects can be spectacular especially when combined with enchanted arrows. The enchantment is created through an unusual application of the spell "speed weapon" although the magic cannot usually be applied to missile weapons or enchanted items.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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