Techno-Wizard “Armor of Ithan” Arm Bracer:

The "Altarain Talisman of Armor" is one of the most effective magic items on Rifts Earth and captured ones are much prized by adventurers. Unfortunately, the medallions are incredibly expensive and rare. There have be multiple attempts to copy the magic item with none succeeding.

An intriguing Techno-Wizard solution was discovered. It is unknown who designed the first one and it is unknown if it was developed by a single individual or a group. Soon after the first one was created, multiple techno-wizards began building the devices themselves.

The “Armor of Ithan” Arm Bracer appears to be a large bracer which covers much of the forearm and can be made for either the left or right forearm although left forearm bracers are far more common. The bracers can be highly decorative or plain and is constructed from silver although it can be plated with gold. The bracers are normally fitted with four emeralds and a single ruby. The number of emeralds can vary with four being the normal minimum. When the ruby is pressed, the gem begins to glow and the “Armor of Ithan” force field is activated.

The magic item works by a similar principle to the T.W. Magic Sheath and each emerald stores the magical energy needed to activate the bracer. Each emerald contains 20 P.P.E. and is worth a minimum of 1000 credits. Whenever the force field is activated, the magical energy is pulled from the emeralds and the magic can be activated by those who are not talented in magic. In some ways the Bracer is more effective than the "Talisman of Armor" due to the number of activations before being out of charges. Force Field has 10 M.D.C. per level of creator and a duration of 4 melee (one minute) per level. Common are bracers of 60 to 100 M.D.C. with durations of 24 to 40 melees (6 to 10 minutes) It is possible other enchantments for body armors could be incorporated into the bracer in a similar fashion.

The bracer can be worn over lightweight soft armors (15 lbs / 6.8 kg or lighter) but cannot be worn over heavier armors or rigid armors. It can be built into both rigid and heavier soft armors. It can also be build into power armors.

Modified versions of this bracer are available with a variety of different spells including “Invincible Armor” and "Invulnerability." Both are extremely popular. Adjust cost, P.P.E. cost, effects, and duration as per spell used in bracer.

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