Techno-Wizard “Fly as the Eagle” Anti-Gravity Belt:

During the Twentieth Century, there were a number of cheesy Science Fiction movies with strange looking costumes usually worn by scantily clad women. Along with strange looking "Laser Pistols," one of the staples of these movies was something called "Anti-Gravity" belts which allows their wearers, often the above mentioned half dressed women, to float through the air. These belts often were made from metallic silver or gold fabric with what looks like gems or crystals and sometimes odd looking devices attached to them.

Some techno-wizards are fans of old Pre-Rifts movies including some of the old cheesy Science Fiction movies. Similar devices are seen in some animated cartoons and comic books as well. While technology never allowed such a device to be build, these anti-gravity belts inspired the techno-wizards to see if they could make something similar which worked through magic. These devices are popular because they are extremely effective for flight while being fairly compact.

The base of these belts are metallic gold and silver belts usually decorated to look like the belts from these Pre-Rifts Movies. Actual silver and gold wire is used in the construction. Often they will be decorated with crystals. These belts fly through the use of the spell “Fly as the Eagle” and can be powered either through psychic abilities or magical energies. Some have emeralds built into them to provide magic energy for the flight belts. In those cases, the belt can be activated. Most carry at least five large emeralds with some having up to ten.

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