Techno-Wizard Anime Backpack:

In appearance, this techno-wizard item looks like a normal leather or canvas two compartment backpack although it will be detected as magical if anyone attempts a detect magic or are sensitive to magic. In reality, this techno-wizard creation is quite unique and acts as both a jet pack and a mini-missile launcher with an incredible payload. Both features are completely concealed when not in use. Because of this, this item has become popular with adventures who wish to be carrying a normal backpack and the backpack is especially popular with wilderness scouts.

The actual creator of this magical backpack is unknown although one rumor is that the techno-wizard item was created by a young apprentice techno wizard not a full techno-wizard. If this is the case, the creation of the item is even more amazing than might otherwise be judged. This techno-wizard item can only be created by a techno-wizard of high enough skill to learn some temporal spells or the item needs to be created with the assistance of a temporal wizard. Whomever the actual creation of the backpack was, it is believed that the techno-wizard item was inspired by the backpack worn by the main character on a rare anime short movie called Daicon III.

Unlike many techno-wizard magic items, the special abilities of the backpack require no external fueling but the requirements in terms of magical energy needed to create the backpack are high and the backpack takes several months normally to create. In addition to the magical backpacks more spectacular features, the backpack is extremely tough and the smaller secondary compartment has an unlimited duration and while appearing to be able to carry no more than a small folder or a purse, in reality the compartment can carry up to about 60 pounds and has about double the amount of space the backpack should have total. No matter how much weight is carried in the compartment, the backpack weighs the same amount.

The flight feature of the backpack is equal to that of the spell "Fly as the Eagle" and is slower than most conventional flight systems although this is compensated by the fact that the ability to fly has an unlimited duration and does not overheat like most fusion powered flight packs. The flight system has an interesting special effect. When the flight feature is activated, doors open in the bottom of the backpack and thrusters extend from the compartment behind the doors. When flying, thrust and smoke will appear to come from the thrusters although the thrust is only an illusion and produces no heat.

The missiles are launched from the top of the backpack and can be launched up to four missiles at a time. The mini-missiles are stored within dimensional pockets and a total of forty-eight mini-missiles can be carried. The Launcher uses telekinesis to initially launch the missile and to carry the missile far enough from the being wearing the backpack that the mini-missiles thrust does no burn them.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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