Techno Wizard “Angel of War” Body Armor:

First designed by a group of female combat techno-wizards, this armor has become very popular although generally preferred by women over men. In addition to being popular among Techno-Wizards, the armor is popular among Ley Line Walkers, Cyber-Knights, and even some Mind Mages. As a result, several groups of techno-wizards have copied the suit design and have began manufacturing them. The suit is costly to make but is still far less difficult to create than a set of Mystic Power Armor. While the enchantments can be powered by a spell casters own magical energy, the armor has magical energy batteries which allow the armor's enchantments to be activated without the wearer having to tap their own magical reserves. This also allows those who are not spell casters themselves to use the armor.

In appearance, the armor is normally a close form fitting body armor although it is still quite comfortable. The armor is a plate style armor which is styled to look like many pictures of Warrior Angel body armor from Pre-Rifts fantasy stories including a winged helmet on some suits. The helmet has a face guard and the armor itself is fully environmental. Most suits of armor are chrome and the armor itself is believed to be made from the same materials as Glitter Boy power armor. The armor is decorated with emeralds which also act as the magical energy batteries which power the enchantments. Many wearers have their armor customized and turn their armor into highly decorative works of art. Included in these custom suits include putting intricate designs on the armor and gilding the armors. Many warriors who are also wizards carry Deathbringer or Battle Fury Swords which are customized to match the armor. Many of those are in spacial scabbards which have enchantments on them allowing the special abilities of weapon to be used without spending the wielder's magical reserves.

The armor has several unusual features which set it as being different than most body armors. It is not powered like some suits of body armors but it uses extremely strong alloys which allow the armor to be extremely light weights while able to withstand incredible damage. As might be expected from a suit of its appearance, the armor normally only takes half damage from laser weapons. Lasers are comparatively common and only laser weapons which are variable frequency can adapt to the armor to inflict full damage. It does make the armor expensive to repair although many wearers learn the spell of “Mend the Broken” to fix their armor through magic. In addition to being extremely tough, the armor is protected by an invincible armor enchantment which when activated makes the armor as tough as virtually any power armor. This enchantment, like the other enchantment on the techno-wizard body armor pulls its magical energy from the armor itself. As stated previously, the armor is not a powered type armor but one of the enchantments on the armor is to increase the wearer’s strength to supernatural levels and when combined with a weapon like a Deathbringer or Battle Fury Sword, can be devastating. The armor has no built-in weapons although even punches from the suit can be devastating. Many wearers of the suit prefer fighting in hand to hand and cut to shreds even a suit of heavy powered armor in just a few blows. Normally the spell of “Winged Flight” can only be cast on others but the creators of the suit found was to incorporate the enchantment into the armor. When the wings appear, the wearer often is considered to look like a Valkyre or an Angel. Flight speed depends on the wearers strength and goes up dramatically when the enchantment of “Supernatural Strength” is activated. The final enchantment is of a more conventional nature and allows the armor to blend into its surroundings when it is activated. The armor has a host of enchantments based on the spell of “Amulet” including the fact that the wearer can see the invisible and the armor bolsters the wearer against fear and magic cast against her.

Model Type: TWA-5000
Size: Human Equivalent
Mobility: Good; -5% to climb and -10% to prowl, swim, perform acrobatics and similar physical skills/ performance. Custom fit suits reduce climb penalty to none and prowl penalties to -5%
Black Market Cost: 1.8 million credits

Mega Damage by Location:

Arms (2)60 each
Legs (2)80 each
[1] Main Body:110
[2] “Invincible Armor” Force Field200

[1] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will destroy the armor and make it useless. As well, the wearer may be killed or injured. Note: Armor takes half damage from laser weaponry except for variable frequency lasers which are set to inflict full damage.
[2] Magic costs 30 P.P.E. (Normally comes from P.P.E. Battery) or 60 I.S.P. and has a duration of 24 minutes when activated. Force field regenerates at the rate of 1D6 M.D.C per melee round. All energy attacks, magic or mundane, inflict only half their usual damage to the force field. When knocked down, no additional damage beyond which destroyed the shield will be transferred to the body armor.

Running: As per wearer’s “Speed” attribute
Flight: As per enchantment “Winged Flight” with a speed of 5 (3.4 mph / 5.5 kph) for every point of strength of the wearer (Supernatural or normal). Enchantment costs 35 P.P.E. (Normally comes from P.P.E. Battery) or 70 I.S.P. and has a duration of 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes) when activated.

The armor has a P.P.E. battery built into the armor in the form of emerald crystals. This magical energy cannot be used by the wearer to cast spells but can be used to power enchantments in the armor. The armor stores 20 P.P.E. for every crystal built into the armor with ten being common (200 P.P.E.) But some have been known to have twelve to sixteen crystals built in. Magical energy regenerates at the rate 2 P.P.E. per hour normally or 10 per hour on a Ley Line. Spell casters can also feed P.P.E. into the crystals. Enchantments can be activated by non-spell casters.

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