Earth Shaker T.W. Mine Clearing Device:

"Eew, what a mess!"

- Anonymous T.W. Sherman driver after running over a dead boy

"The Commander of Fire Base Charley expected an attack and we had prepared extensively. He had expected that to use their magic to make our lasers and other energy weapons to be ineffective so he had prepared us with rail gun emplacements and has up lay down a thick minefield. We figured that there was no way that they could penetrate the minefields which we had set up.

We could see a group of tanks approaching our lines. They appeared to be some of those tanks which the builders call 'Super Sherman.' Some of them had giant rollers on the front which had what looked like chains or flails. We knew the weapon was designed to clear mines but we figured that they would quickly be overwhelmed by the number of mines which we had put in place.

We began firing on the tanks and some sort of force field appeared to protect the vehicle from damage. From the front of two of the tanks with the flails, a wave seemed to shake the ground. The ground shook as all the mines within the area of effect detonated. Four tanks, also outfitted with the flails, began advancing on our positions. While they were advancing, the two other tanks because firing at our main positions.

Our minefield was wide enough that the shockwave which the first two tanks created did not destroy all of the mines. I noted that the flails on the four advancing tanks were spinning incredibly fast and as they advanced into the uncleared potion of the minefield, they started detonating mines. The detonations seemed to inflict no damage against the mine clearing equipment.

As they advanced over the embankments, one of them ran over Private Shelton. He tried to run but could not escape from the tank. The flails shredded the armor of the private. A few moments later, the three other forward tanks crested our fortifications. The major ordered us to retreat.

- Official Coalition debrief of Lt William Raven after the destruction of Firebase Charley

The Earth Shaker T.W. Mine Clearing Device is designed to be attached to the front of a tank, especially techno-wizard tank designs, and is designed to destroy mines in the front of the tank. The mine clearing device looks like a number of flails on a rotating cylinder. The Mine clearing device is modeled after mine clearing device used on World War II tanks. The Mine Clearing Device has two main enchantments with both being useful against mines.

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