Sword of Eylor (Bio-Wizard Magic Item):

An extremely powerful weapon which only a handful have ever been created. These weapons are considered to be even more powerful than an Eylor Assault Staff and are incredibly expensive. Costs of these weapons can be in the eighty to one hundred million credit range. It is believed that the magic of the weapon is a combination of Rune Magic and Techno-Wizardry. Only a tiny handful in Atlantis and Splugorth controlled worlds know the secrets of the magic to create these weapons. Most are carried by trusted minions of the Splugorth although a few have been captured in battle and are in the hands of enemies of the Splugorth. There is rumor that a Lizard Mage carries one and another is possessed by a Demi-God. Rumor is also that one can be purchased for the right price if the right connections are known. Like the Eylor Assault Staff, these weapons do not have independent personalities and are believed to be able to be wielded by anyone.

The Sword of Eylor is a huge two handed sword although it feels surprisingly light in a wielder's hands. Still, the weapon requires an extremely strong wielder to use it properly. The blade of the sword is about six feet long and about six inches wide near the base of the blade, all glossy black metal. Unlike most rune weapons, the ebony blade seems to shine with iridescent colors of red, purple, yellow, and green. The weapon is double bladed and has a sharp point for stabbing. All along the blade in a groove run tiny runes. On each side of the handle of the sword is a eye which seems to stare out and lock onto anyone who looks too closely at it. Those, of course, are the Eyes of Eylor and the center of the mystical powers of the sword. The handle itself looks more like it is grown and the shell of some kind of insect than metal. Black like the blade of the weapon, it also shines in similar iridescent colors.

Like the Staff of Eylor and unlike a true rune weapon, the Sword of Eylor is not indestructible but instead is extremely hard to destroy the weapon. The sword is much tougher than the staff and regenerates damage far quicker. Unlike the staff, the Sword of Eylor is meant as a true combat weapon and inflicts damage equal to a powerful rune weapons. Like the Eylor Assault Staff, the Sword of Eylor contains a pair of pair of Eyes of Eylor to make it extremely powerful. The weapon has a host of special magical abilities from these eyes and a powerful magical reserve to power the magic abilities of the weapon. While the weapon has a total of only eight magic spells, it can cast each up to four times per day each and has a more powerful reserve of magical energy to charge the sword’s spells.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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