Time Reaver (Rune Sword):

An incredibly powerful rune weapon, many legends have been created around the weapon. It was one of the few Rune Weapons known to have temporal magic powers. The most common create stories on the sabre is that it was created by a dragon who had temporal wizard abilities and who also was an Alchemist. The story also tells that the sword was created for one who was the best friend of the creator. Variations in the story tell the sword was created for a guard of the dragon while others tell that the person was really the lover of the dragon. It appears to have traveled around the Mega-Verse with a large number of other stories attributed to the sword. Whatever story is told about the sword, most seem to tell that the sword is thousands of years old but it has only passed through a dozen or so hands. While some of the wielders have been elves, others have been human yet seem to have aged as if they were elves and have lived long past when a human should have surrendered to time. Some individual who have studied the sword consider it likely that the previous wielders have been Changeling or some kind of supernatural creature who appears human but the consensus of most scholars is that the sword somehow fights time and a wielder ages very slowly. While people appear to age very slowly, within just a few years of wielding the sword, their hair appears to turn completely white. There are various legends about the sabre on Rifts Earth and the most common tale told is that it is being wielded by a Dragon Juicer who seems to be successfully fighting the passage of time. If found as sold on Atlantis, it would likely sell for hundreds of millions of credits.

Time Reaver is a dark grey sabre of incredible quality. The sword is comparatively lightweight. Like most rune weapons, the balance of the sabre is incredible and is among the finest weapons ever created. Along the blade and handle, rune are deeply etched. The runes appear black unless examined extremely closely. The hand guard curves slightly up towards the blade and has sharp spikes. The handle itself does not have a pommel and is comfortable wielded one handed or with both hands. The handle is slightly bent forward and is grooved for a better grip. Like all rune blades, the sword is extremely sharp and never seems to dull. While single bladed, the sword has an extremely sharp tip which is useful for stabbing and well as for slashing.

The personality of "Time Reaver" is reported to be male. Some scholars think the personality to be a captured Temporal Raider while others think it was a mortal temporal wizard who was trapped in the blade. If the sword has told its possessors, they have not told. The sword’s personality seems to be dark although it seems to have a sense of honor as well. There are stories of the wielder of the sword arguing verbally with the sword which seems to back this up. One of the wielders appears to have argued with the sword about the fact that he wanted to slay a group of prisoners while the sword would not let him. It appeared to be threatening to not allow him to use any of its powers. Another story, which appears to show the other side, was a wielder discussing with the sabre about the morality of torturing prisoners for information with the sword appearing to support the necessity of it. From the strength of the discussions, it appears that the sword does have an extremely powerful personality. According to stories, most of the wielders appear to have been at least fairly honorable although some appear to have been otherwise not very nice individuals.

Most scholars consider "Time Reaver" to be a greatest rune weapon like "Swords of Atlantis." Like all rune weapons, the sabre is completely indestructible. Many stories seem to indicate the wielders of the sword age incredible slowly, about one year for every five. The side effect of the wielder's hair becoming white appear to be linked to this and there appears to be no other detrimental effects. While stories tell that some of the wielders dyed their hair, few seem to have bothered. There appears to be a strange aura which surrounds the wielder almost as if they are slightly out of time, As a result, they appear to react slightly faster in combat than one might expect. As a final ability, the sword has the ability to cast a number of temporal spells. These spells appear to include Retro-Viewing, Time Maelstrom, Time Warp - Age, Time Warp - Slow Motion, and Wink Out. There are stories of opponents being slain by the sword becoming withered corpses but most believe that this is only legend. The sabre also has the more common wizard spell of “Shockwave” attributed to it. Each of these spells appears to be able to be activated up to three times per day. Most scholars consider it likely that the sword can chose to not allow its wielder to use some of all of its powers if it desires. It appear not likely to deny its abilities to those who act too "Good" for it but against those who act too "Evil" for the swords morals.

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