The Staff of Caoth (Ruse Staff):

This powerful magical staff should be considered a Greatest Rune Weapon and is linked to a powerful magical castle know as "Castle Caoth". The staff is dark oak wood with a large white crystal on top (5" wide) with runes running down the length of the staff. Inside the crystal is a three dimensional image of the castle which is the appearance of the castle at the time. The staff is 6' tall and has a weight of 7 lbs. The staff is actually 4 parts put together. The staff can only be taken apart by the wielder of the staff and while as one piece it is indestructible. Each individual item has 200 M.D.C. when not joined together. When a person puts all the parts of the staff together, the weapon bonds to the person putting them together. The staff can then only be used by that person until that person dies and anybody other than her that touches the staff bare flesh will take large amounts of damage with no Saving Throw. The present wielder is Wizardess Marlene Le Fay. It gives the wielder the various abilities that are listed below.

The Staff of Caoth is of Scrupulous Alignment and will only bond to individuals with unprincipled, scrupulous, and of principled alignments.

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