Sister (Rune Naginata):

A long time ago, there was a female Living Legend sword maker. She was getting very old and saw that there were few weapons out there to protect women so began constructing a special Naginata (the weapon most closely associated with women in Japan). The purpose of the weapon was to protect women in trouble. Unfortunately, it took her much longer than she expected to complete the weapon and she realized that she would probably die before the weapon would be complete. She knew of only one way to complete the magic on the weapon and that is to bind the spells in the weapon through her. The final act was to commit suicide using the naginata to bind the essence into the weapon.

Sister is a beautiful weapon to behold. The blade is covered in flower patterns of virtually all of the prettiest flowers from the island of Japan. The handle continues these flowers in full color and perfect detail. Inlaid into the handle are the words "Sister. May your sister guard you and guide you to protect your other sisters." It will appear in the native language of the possessor but can only be read by females.

Unlike most magic Naginata from Japan, this weapon is more like a Samurai Rune Sword and has an independent personality. While the personality is similar to the creator of the pole arm, it is not quite the same. As would be expected, Sister has the personality of a of female and is of the Scrupulous Alignment.

Sister will only bond to women and only those women of scrupulous, principled, or unprincipled alignment are acceptable to her. The Naginata will bond immediately upon accepting its new wielder. Through suggestions, the weapon will attempt to change the holders alignment. This is done though suggestions, dreams, and empathic transmissions. The eventual goal of Sister is the alignments of "Scrupulous with Honor" or "Principled with Honor". If the wielder is of Unprincipled alignment, the weapon will first convert the lady to Scrupulous alignment. There are two way to do this in a game setting, either the player agrees to change her alignment or roll against a psionic attack with a -8 penalty every three months. If the save is failed, the alignment will change by one place. If in four years, the person does not change her attitude to what Sister wishes, Sister will break the bond and have the current holder give the weapon to another.

Sisters real weakness is that the person holding her will be unable to fight other women in many cases and will be forced to protect women as well. The only way that the present holder can attack a female is if the female has immediate hostile intent to the wielder of the weapon and Sister judges the person to be a threat. Sister will also force the holder to protect women in trouble. Sister does evaluate the situation and will not force the holder to protect women murders and other serious criminals. If a wielder does not wish to act as Sister wishes too, the lady must roll against psionic attack with a -5 penalty or be forced to do what Sister wishes. Sister does not include animals or most supernatural beings, even if female, in the category of women who cannot be attacked or have to be protected. A humorous situation that has played itself out several times is that sister will force its holder to get between a fight between a husband and a wife. After the man has been disabled, the wife will attack the wielder of the Naginata and she will be unable to defend herself because Sister does not see the wife a true threat.

Sister gives a variety of special abilities to compensate for her requirement for the wielder to protect women. She gives the wielder the skill of Hand to Hand: Kendo and WP: Naginata at characters level and the skills continue to advance with the character. If the female already has those skills, she will get one extra hand to hand attack and +1 to strike, parry, and initiative. The Naginata also has two other special abilities. The first is that the weapon will heal the wielder of damage at an incredible rate and makes the holder incredible in combat.

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