The Screaming Fire Bow (Rune Bow):

This bow appears to be a standard long bow made out of what appears to be a tarnished silver colored wood. What the bow is really constructed from, no one knows but it is likely it is in reality some form of lightweight metal due to the fact the weapon weights about as much as an average long bow.. The bow appears to be without a string and without even notches for a string. Along the front and back of the bow runs black runes which gives a strong clue to what the weapon really is. The bow is a powerful rune weapon that there are few equals of and when the bow is used, the black runes glow bright red and a flaming bowstring and arrow will appear. The head of the arrow looks like and eagles head and screams as launched (HF 10). This bow cannot fire normal arrows.

The personality in the bow is that of a male Elven adventure named Erdel Lenora. He will use telepathy to tell the wielder great stories and he loves to talk. He will tell them as well that he is from the Palladium World from before the destruction of the Old Kingdom and he got old but wished to continue adventuring. A magic weapon smith offered to put his spirit in the weapon so that he could continue to adventure and that is how he ended up in the weapon. He is very choosy about who he wishes to be carried and generally chooses other Elven adventurers and the person must of a good alignment. While this will not stop him from bonding to males, he is a bit of a ladies man and likes bonding to females.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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