Rune Wrench of Aldore (Rune Wrench):


A bandit had managed to acquire a Northern Gun Samson Power Armor and had set himself up on a major road outside of Tolkeen. He only went after single individuals that looked only lightly protected and had been very successful up to this point. This was until he saw what appeared to be the vehicle of a traveling mechanic and decided that the mechanic would be a good target.

The bandit stepped in front of the mechanics truck and shot out the front tires. The mechanic jumped from his vehicle a moment and turned out to be a dwarf. The dwarf was brandishing a large pipe wrench and the bandit simply laughed. The dwarf charged him and he simply continued to laugh instead of protecting himself. No pipe wrench was going to do any damage to his power armor.

The dwarf hit the power armor's right arm with the wrench and suddenly it was no longer funny. His piloting computer when crazy and the verbal warning was output from his speakers "Left Arm Servo Overload." He saw that a huge amount of armor had also simply collapsed as well. He did not react right away and was frozen for a moment. The dwarf swung his wrench again at the power armor's chest. His fire control computer went down and more armor literally fell from the armor's chest. The bandit tried to block the next blow with his left arm and found that the servos in that arm froze as well. The dwarf swung the hammer again and again at the Samson and the bandit was helpless to protect himself.


The Rune Wrench of Aldore is one of the most unique rune weapons ever constructed. The rune item appears to be a large adjustable pipe wrench. The wrench is virtually unique because it has moving parts and can actually be used as a normal wrench. The wrench itself is a simple dark grey and is plain with no decoration with the exception of the runes that line the sides of the wrench.

Stories have it that the wrench was created by an Asgardian Dwarf who was also a techno-wizard. It is believed that the Rune Item is less than one hundred years old. The idea behind the wrench is a tool that would also be useful as a weapon. Compared to many other Rune Weapons, the wrench only has a handful of powers but that does not mean that the powers should be dismissed. The weapon has also the lesser abilities of a Rune Weapon but once bonded with its owner, it also aids in mechanical skills by telepathically giving suggestions to the owner of the tool. The tool may be used a focus for the Techno-Wizard to cast spells though. When this is done, the techno-wizard has none of the standard penalties that a techno-wizard has when casting normal spells. The wrench can be used as a weapon against all opponents but inflicts greatest damage when used against mechanical targets. This included standard body armor, weapons, power armor, giant robots, and even vehicles such as tanks. When a weapon hits the metal or ceramic (or any other conventional material), the armor literally suffers structural collapse and will fall right off any support frame. The secondary effects can be even worse though they only last a short duration. Common problems are computer crashes, electrical shorts, and servos freezing but are not limited to these. Most problems will last for only about a minute but each time the technological item is struck, a new problem will be triggered. If the wrench is parried by something technological, such as the arm of a power armor or by a weapon, the item used to parry will be similarly effected. It can be quite disconcerting for a vibro-sword to shut off when it is used to parry the wrench. The wrench will inflict additional damage to magical and techno-wizard equipment but this equipment will not suffer from the secondary effects.

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