Nightstar (Rune Shield):

The history of this shield is extremely interesting. The shield has been wielded by individuals from both sides of the spectrum. The first known wielder of the shield is a Tatoo warrior from Atlantis. The Tatoo warrior appears to have gotten into a battle with a knight and lost. The knight then appeared to have been possessed the shield for many years before losing the shield again to an enemy. It has since passed back and forth between those one consider good while others appear to have served the side of evil.

As far as alignment, Nightstar is extremely interesting. The shield has an strong code of honor but does not consider many worthy of its respect. In most respects, the rune shield might be considered Aberrant. What is unusual is that the shield will allow anyone of Aberrant, Scrupulous, or Principled alignments to wield it. The biggest item which seems to be important to the shield is that the wielder must have a code of honor as well. The shield truly hates those without a code of honor such as miscreants and those who are diabolic.

While the shield will allow an individual of Scrupulous or Principled alignment to be a wielder and will even bond with them, there will often be some bickering between the weapon and the wielder. The shield will often give suggestions which go against a more benevolent code of honor. Some believe that the spirit trapped in the shield is that of as knight due to the shield's code of honor.

Nightstar is an oval shaped shield with a half circle cut from each of the longer sides of the shield. In the center of the shield is a raised star burst pattern with the arms of the design reaching the rim of the shield. The rim of the shield is also raised and along the raised rim run small but deeply carved runes. The shield itself is completely black and almost seems to absorb light around it. The shield is extremely well balanced and can be used to parry energy bolts with no penalties.

Even though not primarily meant as a weapon, the shield is still extremely useful when used offensively. It has also the standard abilities of a rune weapon. As well, it is a greater rune weapon and has additional abilities. The magic of the shield is that it has the abilities of a Mind Mage or Mind Melter. The shield has all sensitive and physical psychic abilities along with the super psionic abilities of Psi-Sword, Psychic Body Field, and Telekinetic Force Field. When entering into combat, the wielder of the shield normally activates both the protective body field and the psychic energy sword.

Author Note: This weapon can be used in Rifts as a standard Splugorth creation at game master's option. In that case, attributes and alignment may vary.

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