Bow of Storms (Rune Bow):

This short bow appears to be made from some sort of bluish material, most likely some sort of metal. If it is constructed from metal, it is extremely lightweight. It is no heavier than one might expect if the bow was made from wood. Interestingly, there is no string or even a notch to put a string, The bow has the design of lightning bolts along its length. As with most rune weapons, there are also runes along its length. As with most rune weapons, the Bow of Storms is indestructible and is a work of art.

When an archer uses the bow and acts to draw the string, a "string" of lightning appears and a lightning arrow appears. There lightning arrows have incredible range and inflict great damage, even able to damage tough armored vehicles. The magic seems similar in nature to the enchantment of "Lightning Blast" from a greatest rune weapon fired from a dragon head and the number of arrows which can be fired is effectively unlimited. Otherwise, the weapon is fired like a normal bow.

The Bow of Storms has a number of other abilities. First is that while the wielder holds the bow in his or her hands, they are immune to lightning. Other electrical effects inflict no damage as well. They are surrounded by a blue glow. This is a constant ability but the bow also has the ability to cast a number of air warlock spells. These include Wind Rush, Calm Storm, Whirlwind, and Electrical Field. These spells may be cast up to four times per day total.

The personality of the bow appears to be that of a plain spoken female archer, quite possibly human. She seems to have a very practical streak and sometimes takes the most convenient track. It cannot be said that she is evil however, just someone with little real care about the rules. She can also have a bad temper at times and there are times where a possessor and the bow might end up in an arguing match. She will not risk the deal of a possessor by refusing to grant its abilities in combat.

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