Black Justice (Rune Sword):

Like many Rune Weapons around the Mega-Verse, the origins of this rune weapon is unknown. It simply seems to have appeared on Rifts Earth one day. Some believe that the weapon is of comparative recent origins, perhaps created by the Splugorth, while others think that the sword may be tens of thousands of years old and was just recently rediscovered. The origins of the name are also unknown. The rune weapon is completely dull black and the "Black" part of the name can be clearly be understood although black could also refer to the evil nature of the sword. The "Justice" part of the name is harder to understand. A likely explanation might be that the rune weapon was originally forged for a specific act of revenge. None of the possessors have been told by the sword although most don't ask either. The latest wielder of the sword is a powerful and skilled Mystic Knight although present rumor is that he lost control of himself and is virtually a perpetual drunk after losing his lover. Time will tell if he can recover.

The sword’s appearance seems to just radiate evil. As described, the rune weapon is a dull black which appears to absorb all light around it. The sword is both long and heavy but is not as large as a claymore and can be wielded by strong individuals with one hand. The sword is often described as a bastard sword and the handle is designed for one handed grip or two handed grip. The handle is narrow with a simple crescent design for a hand guard. Simple groves make the sword able to be gripped and the sword hand widens only slightly in the pommel which ends in a sharp four sided spike. The single most noted feature of the sword is that the sword does not have a single blade but instead the blade is spiked in a sawtooth type pattern. Wounds by the weapon, if not fatal, are very difficult to sew up and may have trouble healing as a result. The blade does end with a sharp point for stabbing as well. Like many rune weapons, the sword feels incredibly well balanced even though it is heavy and ranks among the best balanced weapons in the world.

Black Justice cannot be said to have a strong personality even though it is a powerful rune weapon. It will make its feeling known from time to time using telepathy. As a result of its relatively weak personality, it may not help a wielder get out of a downward spiral directly although it may attempt a variety of trick to get a wielder out of trouble which they may have created for themselves. This could involve getting a wielder to a place where someone might be willing to help them. The weapon will be very reluctant to abandon a wielder due to having a sense of honor and responsibility to that wielder. The sword does have a code of honor that while a bit twisted still makes it sometimes disagree with its owners. It does not support the harming of a child or an innocent. Of course, enemies need to be crushed and crushed hard. Certain things, such as torture, may be distasteful but are often necessary. The sword also believes that while those not deserving its honor can be lied and cheated at will, those which an oath is given to should be respected.

The Bastard Sword is considered by most to be a “Greater” Rune Weapon and has a single group of abilities. Black Fire is a strong psychic with many lesser abilities but also has several greater psionic abilities. Quite often in battle, the sword will warn its possessor of impending danger. The wielder of the sword can stare into another's eyes and often make them writhe in agony or be completely unable to move. In battle, the sword seems to be able to create a protective psychic field around the wielder and create separate domes of force as well.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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