Lyre of the Song of Tears (Conventional Magic Item):

While there are a number of enchanted musical instruments, most are more or less conventional and not extremely powerful. They have the ability to boost the musicians playing abilities mainly. A smaller number have the ability to give the player the ability to cast a single magic spell or something similar. These instruments are still however relatively common.

There is however a number of more specular magical instruments. These are known as “rune instruments.” They are similar in nature to rune weapons and rune books. Covered with runes, these instruments have powerful magical abilities far beyond those of more common enchanted instruments. Most have independent personalities as well.

The “Lyre of the Song of Tears” is one of these. Nobody knows how old the instrument is an even where the magic item actually cam from. Most origins stories of the instrument are that it was created by a god or goddess of nature. Various suggestions have been given including Artemis. It is not a new thing for sentient creatures to destroy their environment and happens across almost all cultures and even across many worlds and many species.

That seems to be the purpose of this instrument, to heal the damage caused by man and other sentient creatures. Has the ability to make plants grow, negate poisons, heal wounds, create rain, and even in some cases bring the dead back to life. The personality of the instrument is not as strong as some but when it sees something injured that it can help, it seems to want to reach out and heal. The instrument has limited magical energies however and if used to bring breath life back into somebody, it has to spend half of its magical energies.

There are other abilities in the instrument including that anybody, even somebody with no playing ability, can play the instrument as if they are a skilled professional. One feels like the fingers and hands of the player are being possessed. A skilled musician might very well consider that to be demeaning of their own abilities. The instrument when being played always has the magical ability of charismatic aura active, normally creating friendship and trust although sometimes fear is used. In addition to people, this enchantment also effects any animals listening and are extremely unlikely to attack.

Some think that the personality of the instrument is that of the faerie known as a Nymph. It has been suggested that perhaps the nymph was dying and the instrument is made from the tree that the creature inhabited in life. Generally, the personality seems to be female and there are other suggestions in the personality including being extremely protective of most other faerie folks. The instrument is quite kind, preferring for the current possessor not to get into battle if at all possible. There have been a handful of times that she has gotten angry however and her fury is something to behold. That is when most often “fear” aura is used. She also will not let anybody of evil or even anarchist alignment to play her.

As with most magic musical instruments, the lyre is a work of art. The lyre appears to be of classic Greek style with seven strings and curved arms and a crossbar. The arms narrow at the crossbar. Even though it appears to be made from some kind of wood, the instrument shows no signs of damage or wear and never needs to be tuned. In addition to runes, the instrument is engraved by the images of animals which have gone extinct from around ten thousand to two thousand years ago, most by the hands of humans.

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