Dragon Hawk Arrows "Rifts Version" (Conventional Magic Item):

In some ways, the magic used to create this items is similar the magic used to create Dragon Bone handled weapons. The magic can be done by a Ward Master (also known as a Diabolis) and does not require the skill of a full alchemist. Still, there are only a handful of individuals on Rifts Earth who know how to create these arrows and they extremely costly. Some consider the arrows prohibitively costly and prefer a more disposable weapon.

Of the finest quality, the arrows themselves are of dragon bone. This makes the arrows already extremely light and strong. In some realms, dragon bone arrows are relatively common even though quite costly. They are lightweight and quite tough, unable to be easily broken. They also fly about twice as far as a normal arrow which puts them in a range virtually the equal of an energy rifle.

Each arrows is carved with a ward of permanency which makes the arrow indestructible. While that in itself is a nice feature, the major problem is that indestructible or not, arrows are extremely easy to lose. As such, the major enchantment on the arrow of the spell "Boomerang." Once fired, the arrow will return to the person firing the arrow. It will often take a few attacks to return (travels at 400 feet per attack when returning) so it is best if the archer carries at least three of these arrows with him or her.

There are two additional enchantments on the arrow. These are the enchantments of "“Enchant Weapon Lesser” and "Power Weapon." The two enchantments greatly increase the arrows ability to inflict damage to the point where it inflicts a similar amount of damage as an energy rifle.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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