Dragon Bone Shield (Conventional Magic Item):

It is believed that this shield is comparatively recently created. The shield is believed to have been first carried by an extremely skilled knight known to have lead battles against several dragons and defeated them. Stories seem to tell that these happened soon after the coming of the Rifts when the world turned backwards in many ways and monsters first invaded the Earth. The stories have been retold so many times that it is hard to tell for sure although the shield definitely exists. Several other famous knights are known to have carried the shield which are better documented although none of the scope of their accomplishments equals that of the original owner.

A large kite type shield, the shield appears to be carved from a single large piece of dragon bone and is yellowish white. If it is from a giant dragon or somehow dragon bones are merged together is hard to tell. The surface of the shield has an intricate design of a knight with a sword and shield battling a dragon. On the back of the shield is a rune of permanency. The shield itself, however old it is, shows not signs of wear. The liner is not as tough and has been replaced many times over the course of its history. Presently, the shield is believed to be lined with red dyed hide which comes from some type of unknown supernatural creature possibly a dragon as well.

The shield does not appear to have an extremely spectacular powers but there is not a huge number of enchanted shields well known on Rifts Earth. The enchantments do not appear to be the product of Alchemy but instead the combination of wizardry and ward mastery. The shield is definitely indestructible and some of the blows which have been absorbed by the shield can only be considered incredible. It is a master work item and is incredibly well balanced, equal to that of a shield made from a master Dwarven weaponsmith. As well, the shield when used as a weapon will actually inflict damage against heavy armors.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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