Dragon Bone Handled Weapons (Conventional Magic Item):

There is an interesting feature of the Ward of Permanency that it can be used to make enchantments permanently on an object. This can be almost anything including even weapons. All that is required, other than the incredible time required to make the ward itself, is the bone of a supernatural creature. The enchantment makes the bone itself indestructible. Materials which this work on include the bones of dragons, demons, deevils, angels, and gods. Of these creatures, dragons are the most common and there are several species of dragon which are not really intelligent.

Somewhere, a Ward Master, also known as a Diabolist, came up with a unique way to take advantage of this to make enchanted weapons. He would purchase all of the dragon bone he could and would have extremely high quality weapons fashioned usually by Dwarven weapon crafters. He would then have the dragon bone carved into the hilt for the weapon. He would like to have been able to have the whole weapon crafted from the bone but there are few who can do this. It would then be simply a matter of carving the ward of permanency into the bone along with the spells of "Enchant Weapon Lesser" and "Power Weapon"

This weapons are incredibly effective and are much easier to create than many other magical weapons. Because the ward may be time consuming but does not drain the creator permanent like when “Enchant Weapon Lesser” is cast as a permanent enchantment, a relatively large number of these weapons can be constructed. While these weapons are not indestructible, they are extremely tough and can be repaired through the spell of "Mend the Broken."

It appears that the original creator of these items is not the only one who creates them now. While other weapons can be created as well, he preferred a small selection of weapons and commissioned weapon smiths for the finest examples and have incredible balance. His favorites where the Sabre and the Kukri, the dagger of the Gurkha. Other weapons may not be of as high a quality as the ones he created (When creating such weapons, There are rumors of a handful of weapons created completely from the bone of dragons but they are worth far more being that they are completely indestructible.

When creating additional weapons, use the weapon's average damage and multiply by 2.5 for mega-damage weapon inflicts and calculate the dice code based on that. Example of a magic claymore which originally inflicted 3D6 would inflict 1D4x10 when enchanted. Multiply quality damage bonuses in the same manner. A weapon with +4 to damage would inflict +10 when enchanted. Thus, a claymore which originally inflicted 3D6+4 would inflict 1D4x10+10 if enchanted in this manner.

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