Wraithfire (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

One of the more rare magic items on Rifts Earth are those which combines magic from two different sources. The combination of the two is in many ways more powerful than the sum of its parts. The blade of the weapon is a simple sabre enchanted with the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" and the hilt is a corrupted Millennium Tree wand. There are believed to only be a handful of weapons created in this fashion and all are considered to be special. Of course protectors of the Millennium Tree will act to return all corrupted magic items back to the trees which originally spawned them. The advantage of the wand is that the enchantments can be activated without having your magical energy like most techno-wizard magic items require. They are also not temperamental like many rune weapons. Rune weapons are usually impossible to get.

The origin of the weapon is not clear although the weapon is likely of relatively modern construction. It is likely only a score of years old, maybe as little as a dozen years. Still the weapon is considered a prize and several people have been killed in the name of acquiring the weapon. The weapon is also popular among thieves and others who work in the shadows. Because of the weapon's unique properties, assassins who prefer a blade seem to covet the weapon as well. It is believed that at least two kings have been killed on the blade since it was forged.

Wraithfire is a smoky grey sabre which the weapon comes to an extremely sharp point. As a sabre, the weapon is single bladed and the blade itself curves slightly. There is no decoration on the blade but the weapon still has a severe attractiveness about the weapon. The wood of the handle is an extremely dark brown, almost black, and the hilt appears to be grown in twists for a better handhold. The guard is also of the dark brown wood and is a simple disk which is just wide enough to offer good protection. It also has no decoration to it.

The Sabre itself is extremely well balanced and lightweight weapon. While it is not absolutely known for sure, most think the weapon was crafted by an expert Dwarven weapon smith. The blade and point of the weapon are both razor sharp. While the sabre blade is not actually indestructible, like a rune weapon, the blade is extremely tough. Only blows directly against the weapon itself will damage it. The spell of “Mend the Broken” can be used to repair damage to the sabre.

The powers of the weapon are extremely interesting and effective when in the right hands. The most powerful ability of the blade is to become intangible like a weapon enchanted with the spell "Wraith Blade." When the enchantment is activated, the weapon will pass right through most normal materials such as body armor but will harm the flash under the armor. It also cannot be parried by non-magical weapons. The weapon also has the ability to make the wielder invisible and to launch fireballs. Each spell can be cast up to two times per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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