Witchfire (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

Corrupt Millennium Tree weapon made by the same Alchemist who created the "Axe of Defense." Like his reason behind using a Millennium Tree staff as the basis for the Axe, the creator simply finds that the wood of the Millennium to be a very effective material to use for the vambrace and has no particular animosity to Millennium Trees. It is rumored that the Alchemist got his idea from a rune weapon he saw in a low tech world elsewhere in the Mega-Verse.

The Alchemist uses powerful bio-magic to twist the Millennium Staff into the shape of a vambrace / arm shield. The shield is conformal to the wearer’s arm but overlaps over both the elbow and top of the hand. On the top of the hand is a spike which is an effective weapon itself. The vambrace has a very organic appearance and appears to grow on the wearers arm. The vambrace cannot be taken from the wearer’s arm except by the wearer’s will or if the arm is cut off to remove it.

The vambrace has powers similar to most rune staffs and is a quite effective weapon. The vambrace can be used to generate a number of spells that are extremely useful in combat. The first, which is were the vambrace gets its name, it to generate a light blade from the fist from the limb which the vambrace is worn on. Many consider this to be the weapon's most effective power. The additional powers include the ability to generate magical armor, make the wearer impervious to energy, boost the wearers strength, allow the wearer to become invisible, and allow the wearer to throw power bolts from the hand which is protected by the vambrace. A total of eight spells can be cast per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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