Witch Bow (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

There are several powerful and extremely effective magic items which are corrupted Millennium Tree wands and staves. Millennium Tree wands and staves make an excellent basis for many unique magic items. One of these is called the "Witch Bow" and is a corrupted Millennium Tree Staff which is formed into a bow. It is a favorite among archers who do not see anything wrong with using corrupted Millennium Tree weapons and are quite popular in Atlantis where the bow is created by both Bio-Wizards and Alchemists.

In appearance, a Witch Bow appears to be extremely twisted and gnarled but is still a excellent bow with good balance. The wood itself is black with the bark still covering the bow. The Witch Bow is permanently strung with the bow string strung from the enchanted material of the bow itself. Both long bow and short bow styles are made although there are no crossbow style weapons of this type. While the bow can be used as a staff, it is not designed in that fashion.

All arrows fired from the bow travel twice as far as is normal which make the weapon extremely effective in itself. but this is dwarfed by the weapon's other enchantments. Most of the special enchantments on the bow allow it to pass magic abilities to arrows which it fires. Each of the enchantments on the bow can be used up to twice per day.

When activated, even normal arrows will inflict damage to the strongest armor materials. When already enchanted arrows are fired from the bow, the damage is increased even more. Normal arrows are destroyed when fired from the bow. This has a duration of four minutes per activation. The second enchantment allows the shooter to fire twice as fast as normal. This enchantment is only active for two minutes per activation. The enchanted arrows can be fired while the bow is enchanted to fire twice as fast as normal, making the weapon extremely effective when both enchantments are active.

The last two enchantments can only be used by themselves and cannot be combined with other enchantments. One is that the bow can fire lightning bolts. The lightning bolts do not have equal range to normal arrows but have a range of eight hundred feet. No arrows are fired. As the bow is drawn back, suddenly a lightning bolt appears and is fired. As many lightning bolts can be fired as the archer can normally fire arrows. The final enchantment is a defensive enchantment. The possessor of the bow can suddenly create a shockwave around them. It is a very effective defense if opponents get too close although unlike other enchantments, it is instant.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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