Staff of the Great Drake (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

Even though the creation of Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapons are generally considered an evil act and many creators have a basic hatred for Millennium Trees, some just consider them to be useful tools for creating useful magic item. Them make extremely effective and powerful magic items.

While it only has two enchantments, the Staff of the Great Drake is considered an extremely powerful magic item and is valued by wizards and other practitioners of magic. The staffs are extremely rare and often cost millions of credits even though less expensive than "true" rune weapons. It is believed that the creator of the "Staff of the Great Drake" is the same Alchemist who creates "Axe of Defense" and "Witchfire." The Alchemist is believed to be extremely skilled and powerful.

The "Staff of the Great Drake" is twisted through bio-wizardry so that the tip of the staff is in the shape of a dragon's head. Some are angled to the side while others are parallel to the staff. There are also created in a variety of colors although jet black is most common. Some of these staves are long saves while others are shorter, more rods that staves. They are actually extremely interesting magic items not the butchery of some Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapons.

As stated previously, these magic items only have to basic abilities. The first is that the staff breaths fire from the Dragon's mouth. It is derived from the enchantment of "Dragon Fire" but instead of the wielder breathing fire, the staff breaths the fire. This enchantment can be activated up to four times per day and fire blasts can be fired out

with up to two blasts per melee. The second enchantment allows the staff to fire lightning bolts from the mouth. While lightning bolts are less powerful, they can be fired more often and have far more range. This enchantment can also be activated up to four times per day. As well, the staff is extremely effective as a hand to hand weapon and is virtually perfectly balanced.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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