Staff of the Shadows (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

One of the most powerful and valued rune weapons from Atlantis is the Necronstaff. Of course, like all greater rune weapons, it is incredibly expensive. They can cost upwards of five hundred million credits on Atlantis and far more elsewhere. Because of this, one Alchemist has tried to create which has many of the same powers but is far less expensive to create.

It makes perfect sense that an Alchemist would use a Corrupted Millennium Staff as the base for such a magic item. Incredibly powerful magic items can be made through the corruption of Millennium Tree items and in fact they rival some rune weapons. Many Bio-Wizards and Alchemists specialize in creating these corrupted magic items.

One advantage that corrupted Millennium Tree items have over "true" rune weapons is that they do not have independent personalities. While some consider the personalities in rune weapons an asset, the personalities of rune weapons can cause conflicts with the wielders or influence their actions.

The Staff of Shadows are warped by Bio-Wizardry so that the body of the staff resembles a twisted snake body while the staff has a head which looks like a goat, serpent, or dragon head. Many have horns. The staff is comparatively slender although the staff becomes thicker as it gets closer to the head of the staff. The bottom of the staff ends in almost a point. The staff is normally a gloss back. In general, the staff's style echoes that of a Necronstaff. While not truly horrifying, there is something just slightly scary and evil appearing about the appearance of the staff.

While not meant as an effective weapon for hand to hand combat, it is a reasonably good weapon. Still, it is mainly the enchantments of the weapon which make it effective. The two greater spells on the staff allow the wielder to summon a shadow beast and to be able to animate the dead. The staff also has a number of lesser spells including the ability to shadowmelt, create a cloak of darkness, create a magical protective force field, and finally to be able to throw fireballs. These spells can be cast up to eight times total per day. As well, the staff acts as a P.P.E. battery which a wielder can use to fuel their own spells.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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