Scepter of the Necromancer (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

In the past, many have confused this with the Necronstaff but it is a distinct magic item. While the Necronstaff is a rune weapon, the Scepter of the Necromancer is a Millennium Tree Staff that has been corrupted by the combined foul magics of Necromancers and Bio-Wizards. Unlike most corrupted Millennium Tree Wands and Staves, the Millennium will not take back a Scepter of the Necromancer and the item can only be destroyed. It has been suggested that the necromantic item would poison the Tree itself. There are many rumors surrounding the staff. One is that a Staff of Life must be used in the creation of the necromantic staff. A second rumor is that the ashes of a master vampire are used in the creation of the Scepter of the Necromancer.

The whole staff is bone white and looks much like it is constructed from bone not wood. Any person who can sense supernatural evil will be able to sense it coming from the staff and the aura has similarities to that of a vampire presence. The handle of the scepter is gnarled and twisted and has the appearance of vines wrapped around each other until they become a solid mass. The top of the staff is wider than the rest of the staff and has the appearance of a misshapen humanoid skull with thorned vines crushing the skull. The skull has the appearance of being cracked in multiple places and black viscous can be seen in the cracks.

The fluid inside of the skull oozes out slowly and will reduce the healing of any living creature that the staff touches and penetrates the flesh of including most supernatural creature. Even if not used in a true strike, the thorns will cause small scratches where the poison will be able to penetrate the flesh. Body armor is the best protection and the poison has no effect on machines and undead creatures. A negate poison will remove the effects of the poison. The wielder of the staff is immune to the poison and is immune to all other poisons as well. In addition to the staff's poison related abilities, the staff has a number of necromantic magic abilities. These include the ability to create Necro-Armor, Animate Dead, Command Ghouls, and to throw Death Bolts.

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