Greater Agony (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

It is amazing what can be produced by the twisted magic which is used to produced Corrupt Millennium Tree items. One of these is known as "Greater Agony" or simply "Agony"and might be considered the larger version of the Millennium Tree weapon known as "Little Agony." While "Little Agony" is produced from a Millennium Tree Wand, "Greater Agony" is produced from a Millennium Tree Staff. It produces extreme pain on any opponent struck but the weapon must hit directly on flesh and both body armors and force fields offering protection against the effect. The intense pain starts off at the wound site but travels through the entire body and can last several minutes. This pain is enough to virtually disable an opponent although in some cases the magic can be resisted especially by those with strong constitutions.

Unlike the smaller version of the weapon, "Greater Agony" does have a variety of different spells which can be cast from the weapon including the actual spell of Agony which is useful at range. Other enchantments include Armor Bizarre, Aura of Death, Cloak of Darkness, and Shadow Meld. These spells can be activated up to a total of eight times per day total. As well, the magical energies which are inherent in all Millennium Tree wands and staffs can be used by a spell caster wielding the twisted wand.

The magic which creates the magic item completely twists the appearance. The weapon has a twisted blade similar to Kris style weapons which is sharp on both sides. It is much larger than "Little Agony" and is the size of a Bastard Sword. The feel of the twisted staff is nothing like wood but feels more like it was made from metal and is a matt black which seems to absorb all light as if the weapon is trapped darkness. The edges of the blade of the weapon are extremely sharp and the twisted blade comes to a sharp point for stabbing. While the twisting pattern is mimicked on the handle, the grip is comfortable.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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