Axe of Defense (Corrupt Millennium Tree Weapon):

Many Alchemists have attempted to create a magic item that is the equal of a Rune Weapon but does not have an independent personality of a rune weapon. Some techno-wizard created items come close but they require magic energy from the wielder which makes them only useful for select individuals. One Alchemist final came up with a novel solution. He combined the conventional art of making magic weapons with a corrupted Millennium Tree Staff to make an incredibly effective weapon. Unlike most individuals who create Corrupt Millennium Tree items, he had no particular malice towards Millennium Trees and simply wanted to create a powerful magic item. Several other Alchemists and Bio-Wizards have copied his idea and produce similar magic weapons. While not as rare as true Rune Weapons, the weapon is rare and hard to find.

In appearance, These magic items appear to be heavy one or two bladed battle axes with plain black metal blades and dark wooden handle. The handle is about 4 feet (1.3 meters) long and is designed to be wielded with two hands. The whole weapons weighs about 8 lbs (3.6 kg). The spells put into the weapon are chosen due to being very effective defensive spells.

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