Witchyrae (Composite Magic Item):

There are a comparatively small number of magic items which combine different enchantments. Some of these combine a corrupted Millennium Wand with the "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" enchantment. Even though the enchantments are rare, they are still more common than rune weapons with a handful of alchemists and others. They are also far less temperamental, not having an independent personality.

The sword Witchyrae is said to have been created as a gift to shadowy warrior in service of a ruler in the northern part of England, a very ruthless king. Sharing the king's ruthlessness, it is said that the warrior came from a distant land. The warrior was suppose to dress in a set of armor that looked like it was made from bone. A few different names are suggested but it seems more sold that the individual was called a "Mystic Knight." It was said that the knight had spell casting abilities.

After a time, the king fell to his neighbors, having driven them to ally together to drive him from power. What happened to the knight and the sword is unclear. The rumor is that the knight was killed during the battle to take the king's fortress but there is no concrete evidence unlike the king.

Witchyrae is a matt black claymore which is of the finest craftsmanship, extremely well balanced. There are what appear to be the designs of runes running along the blade. This has caused some people to think the weapon was a rune weapon. As with similar weapons, the blade is enchanted with the enchantment "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" and can penetrate almost any armor. It also is extremely hard to damage in its own right with only attacks directly against the weapon able to damage.

The handle of the blade is the corrupted Millennium Tree Wand. It actually only has two spells although they are both quite powerful. One is the spell of "Life Drain" and the other is the spell of "Invincible Armor." Unlike many spells, the enchantment of "Life Drain" effects people inside of body armor, power armor, and heavily armored. It created a diameter area of fifteen feet where everybody enters is effected. Each spell can be cast up to twice per day.

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