Spirit Blade (Composite Magic Item):

Spirit Blades are a magic weapon which combines two different enchantments. Several magic weapons combine magic blades with the enchantments of a corrupted Millennium Wands. They are stigmatized in some areas but it does not stop them from being extremely valued. These weapons can be extremely expensive as well. Another option is the combination of other enchanted materials into magic swords and other weapons. The Spirit Blade combines an enchanted blade with a small lobe of a Brain Tree. While more common than weapons using corrupted Millenniums Tree wands, they are still extremely rare and can cost over a couple of million credits when they are available. Even though extremely expensive, they have the advantage that they do not evoke the response among many which corrupted Millenniums Tree wands do.

There are a few individuals who claim to create these magic weapons. They have refused to reveal to anyone exactly how these weapons are created. While some believe that these swords are made by those claiming to create them, many of those who study the weapons believe that the swords were created by a single individual or two working together. The creation of these weapons include both the skills of Druids and a traditional wizard. As well, there is only as handful of these blades in existence. Counts of the number of these blades range from a dozen to around a score in total. Several of the weapons are carried by extremely skilled and powerful knights. At least is a powerful hunter of the dead and undead. Several wielders of these blades have given them individual names.

These weapons are extremely beautifully crafted if a little dark in their appearance. The blade is a matt black and is wavy in a Kriss style. The weapon tapers gradually to an extremely sharp point and the weapon is double bladed and the weapon is extremely effective for slashing as well as for stabbing. The guard appears to be a simple steel tang with a rounded wooden handle wrapped in some sort of black leather, appearing to be the hide of some kind of supernatural creature. The pommel of the sword is a small lobe of a brain tree.

In spite of the unusual design of these blades, they are incredibly well balanced. They are likely forged by an incredibly skilled Dwarven weapon smith. Like most enchanted blades not crafted by Alchemists or through Rune Mastery, these weapons are incredible tough and are generally only damaged by attacks directly against the blade itself. They are tougher than a blade crafted of the highest strength composites or alloys would normally be. The usual way these blades are repaired through the magic of “Mend the Broken.”

The enchantments on the weapon seem to be focused on the small lobe of the brain tree which is the pommel of the sword. The sword can be used to cast several different spells up to three times per day each. These spells include Commune with Spirit, Control Entity, Banishment, Turn Dead, and Exorcism. While the blade will inflict injury against most opponents, the enchantment also allows the sword to inflict additional injury against spirits, entities, undead, and even animated dead.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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