Spell Shredder (Composite Magic Item):

Spell Shredder in some cases could be considered the bigger brother of the "Spell Ripper" sword and uses similar magic to be created. Instead of being a sabre, the Spell Shredder is a claymore sword. The Spell Ripper sword is both rare and extremely expensive with Spell Shredder sword even rarer and more expensive. It is believed that all "Spell Ripper" swords are within England with most in the hands of Knights of New Camelot. Made in a similar style as swords which combine a corrupted Millennium Tree wand and an enchanted sword, these sword instead combine a wand created from Rue combined with an enchanted blade. As such, it does not invoke the reaction among many warriors about the desecration of part of a Millennium Tree.

No one knows who creates these swords, they are sold on the market by merchants who do not seem to know who created them. There is rumor that the weapons are made by someone that most consider evil. Most assume that the swords are created by the same creators who create the "Spell Ripper" Sword. The magic used to create these weapons appear to include both traditional magic and Druid magic and it is unknown if a single individual, who knows both arts, creates these fine weapons or if it is two or more who create these enchanted weapons. The first one known to exist is only known from about six years before present and there is less than a half dozen known to exist. Creation appears to be even slower than with the "Spell Ripper" sword with only around one sword appears to be created per year. These swords command high prices, often around two and a half million credits. These swords are usually extremely prized by their possessors and many are given individual names by their wielders.

The swords are incredible well crafted claymores which have a balance which is equaled with few blades. The sword is twin bladed with the sword coming to a sharp point for stabbing. The blade is extremely sharp and is able to slash as well as being used for stabbing. The enchantment allows it to penetrate the strongest of composites and alloys. The blade of the sword is extremely well polished. The guard is wide and has the designs of Rue branches carved into it. The handle below is made from wood, most it is oak and has the design of Rue branches and sprigs run along the body of the handle. The wood is stained a dark brown. The pommel itself is also made from metal.

Due to the quality and balance of the blade, it seems to dance in a wielder's hand, it is most like crafted by a master Dwarven weaponsmith. The enchantments make the blade incredibly tough. Although they are not indestructible, there are no know cases of one of these weapons being destroyed. Only attacks directly against the blade will do any damage. The only unfortunate feature of the weapon is that the blades can only be repaired by the spell “Mend the Broken” and can be rather expensive.

Like the "Spell Ripper" sword, the enchantments on the sword seems to be due to an enchanted sprig of Rue buried inside the handle itself and the handle effectively acts as an "Anti-Magic Wand." The wielder is extremely resistant to magic and sometimes even the strongest magic spells simply rolling off. As well, the possessor can use the several magic spells up to once per day each. These spells include Negate Magic, Dispel Magic Barrier, and Anti-Magic Cloud.

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