Spell Ripper (Composite Magic Item):

There are a number of magic items which combine an enchanted weapon with a corrupted Millennium Wand. While extremely powerful, there are also extremely rare and expensive. Magic items made by the Druids are more common and have the secondary advantage of not stigmatizing the possessor like corrupted Millennium Wand do. Spell Ripper is a magic sword, a sabre which combines the magic of an enchanted blade with a wand of Rue. The magic item gets its name "Spell Ripper" for its effectiveness against various forms of magic. While more common than magic items which use a corrupt Millennium Wand as their base, these type of magic items are still rare. They are most common in England but a few have trickled to other places.

It is unknown if these magic items are crafted by two different individuals, one who knows Druidic magic and another who knows more traditional forms of magic or a single individual who knows both forms of magic. The first known existence of one of these weapons is around eight years previously. There is believed to be around a dozen "Spell Cutter" swords in existence and they seem to be made at an extremely slow rate, maybe one to two per year. Many have individual names given to them by their owners. As might be expected, these swords can command extremely high prices. Costs of around two million credits are common.

The swords are incredible well crafted sabres which the balance is incredible. The blade comes to a point which is useful for stabbing although the whole blade is extremely sharp and the weapon is useful for slashing as well. The blade is highly polished. The guard is metal as well and is a relatively simple oval disk to protect the wielder's hand and appears to be forged as part of the blade. The actual handle is made from wood, one most it is oak and had the design of Rue branches and sprigs run along the handle. It is stained a dark brown. The pommel itself is also metal.

Because of the quality of the weapon itself, many believe the weapon is forged by a master Dwarven weaponsmith. While the sabre blades are not indestructible, they are extremely strong and only blows directly against the weapons themselves inflict any damage. As well, the blades can be repaired through magic through such spells as “Mend the Broken.” As such, the weapons have been through a huge amount of conflict and still retain their razors edge.

The enchantments on the sword seems to be due to an enchanted sprig of Rue inside the handle itself and the handle is effectively an "Anti-Magic Wand." The wielder is extremely resistant to magic with sometimes even the strongest magic spells simply rolling off. As well, the possessor can use the several magic spells up to once per day each. These spells include Negate Magic, Dispel Magic Barrier, and Anti-Magic Cloud.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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