Mind Bane (Composite Magic Item):

Rune weapons are often the first items thought about when one talks about enchanted weapons but there is a vast number of different magic weapon types. A number of different enchanted weapons are made in Atlantis and there are a number of techno-wizard weapons as well.

Finally, there are a number of magic items which use corrupted Millennium wands and staves. While still quite rare, they are far more common than rune weapons and less expensive. They also do not have independent personalities which make them far easier to use than rune weapons. Finally, when compared to most techno-wizard items, they do not need magical energies from the wielder.

Mind Bane is one of these corrupted Millennium tree items. It is believed to have been created by a bio-wizard in the Splugorth controlled London. The creator is believed to also know rune magic, able to create enchanted runes. The weapon was made for a non-human wizard of a strange race that almost looked Medusa like with prehensile tentacles as hair and a snake like head. The dagger was later lost when the original owner was killed. Since then, it has been carried by a number of different owners, including several human wizards.

As one might expect by the name of the weapon, the enchantments are designed to attack the mind. One takes direct control, "Domination", and the other two, "Mental Blast" and "Mental Stun" attack directly. They have the advantage compared to many spells because body armor offers no protection Each spell can be cast up to twice per day.

Melee combat with the blade does not seem to be a primary purpose for the weapon, mostly used for self defense. Mot weapons carried by warriors preferring close combat will carry swords and battle axes. Still, it is enchanted by the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" and can penetrate high strength composites and alloys. It is also extremely well balanced, equal to that of a fine quality Dwarven crafted weapon.

The weapon is a wide triangular blade known as a Cinquedea. These are relatively heavy dagger, almost a short sword. Twin bladed, the weapon has both very sharp blades and point. The blade itself is made from some kind of black bone, most believe that it is some kind of demon bone. There is a rune of permanency on each side of the blade. The blade is believed to be completely indestructible. The handle of the dagger is the corrupted Millennium Tree wand. It appears to be grown onto the blade. This is believed to have been down through bio-wizardry.

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