Maeltheth's Thorn (Composite Magic Item):

This weapon is one of the more unusual magic item in that it combines two different forms of magic. The blade of the sword itself is a simple magic weapon enchanted through the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" while the hilt of the weapon is a corrupted Millennium Tree wand. The two together make an incredibly effective weapon. In some ways, it is considered almost the equal of a lesser rune weapon and has the advantage of anyone being able to activate the enchantments compared to a Techno-Wizard blade. There is a handful of other weapons created in the same way.

No one knows who created the weapon at it gets is name from one of the individuals who was suppose to have carried the weapon, a Temporal Warrior by the name of Maeltheth. He was suppose to have carried it for many years and no one knows what happened to him. The weapon has found its way into a number of different hands including a juicer and a couple of knights.

The sword itself is a long claymore like sword with the blade being a long triangular shape with no rounded taper to the blade. It is an excellent weapon for both stabbing and slashing. The metal is a dull dark grey, almost the grey of extremely dark clouds. The handle appears to have grown onto the blade of the weapon and is twisted and gnarled. Even so, it is a comfortable two handed grip. The guards also appear to have been grown and are similarly twisted. The wood itself is almost black.

Many believe that sword itself was forged by a master Dwarven craftsman. It is incredibly well balanced and is extremely sharp. While the sword blade in not indestructible, it is extremely strong and only blows directly against the weapon itself inflict any damage. As well, the blade can be repaired through magic through such spells as “Mend the Broken.” As such, the weapon has been through a huge amount of conflict and still retains its razors edge.

Even though created through corrupting a wand from a Millennium Tree, the item is not particularly malevolent in its enchantments. There are mostly enchantments designed to help the wielder deal with combat. These include Armor of Ithan, Impervious to Energy, Call Lightning, and Multiple Image. The enchnatments can be activated a total of sixth times per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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