Katana of the Fox (Composite Magic Item):

There are stories all over the world about foxes being the ultimate tricksters, using fair means and foul to survive. Dirty tricks and stealth are their forte. This magic blade is no exception, carrying a variety of enchantments, dirty tricks instead of direct force. No one knows who made this weapon and there are various stories about it. Some say that the weapon was created for a ninja while others stories tell that it was created for a knight who preferred subtly and trickery over brute force. There is even the suggestion that the weapon was created for a psi-ghost.

The weapon is a rarity, combining a corrupted Millennium Tree Wand with a blade which is enchanted with the "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" as well as "Invisibility: Simple" which makes the weapon invisible. The enchantments appear to have both been made permanent through the use of a rune of permanency. This would indicate that the creator knew ward mastery or a ward master helped in the creation of the weapon.

Of course to most people, the weapon is invisible. To those that can see the invisible, the weapon is simple in its basic design although still attractive. The blade shows the intricate wave pattern of an incredibly well crafted blade and the weapon is honed to utterly incredible sharpness. One each side of the blade is etched the design of a running fox. There is a round guard which appears to be crafted from bone and the rune of permanency can be seen etched on both sides of it. The handle is made from a silvery wood and has a crosshatch pattern which mimics the traditional way a Katana is wrapped. It makes for a better grip than a smooth handle. Imbedded in the handle on each side is a green jade design of a fox. The whole weapon is extremely well balanced, equal to one created by one of the finest weapon craftsman.

Few magic items combine as many styles of magic as this one. The actual blade is enchanted with the enchantments of "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" as well as "Invisibility: Simple" and "Power Weapon" which all three are made permanent through a ward of permanency etched into the hand guard which is made from dragon bone. While this is time consuming, it avoids the permanent P.P.E. expenditure of a permanent "Enchant Weapon: Lesser." The blade is not indestructible but is extremely tough and can be repaired through the enchantment “Mend the Broken.” As well, only attacks directly against the blade will inflict any damage. The guard itself is indestructible. As well, the handle will regenerate damage to it like all Millennium Tree items.

The enchantments on the weapon include the ability to make the wielder become invisible. The second allows the wielder to escape through a variety of locks and bindings. The third enchantment gives the wielder the ability to deflect energy blasts back to the person who fired that at the wielder of the blade. The final enchantment allows the wielder to greatly increase their speed and prowess. The wielder seems to dance in combat and seem to attack twice as often as they normally could. The spells can be used up to six times total per day. The jade fox design on either side of the handle is an amulet of “See the Invisible” and as long as the wielder has their hand on the handle of the weapon, they will be able to see invisible.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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