Katana of Lightning (Composite Magic Item):

Most Alchemists who corrupt a Millennium Tree wand or staff will change the abilities but one alchemist seems to have taken an alternate path. Instead the alchemist magically joins a Millennium Tree wand to an already enchanted weapon, effectively making two magic items into one. Millennium "Wands of Power" are among the most effective of wands. As a result, this wand is one of the most common wands which the alchemist uses to create theses weapons. The swords take their name from the fact that one of the abilities of "Wands of Power" is to fire lightning bolts. Only a handful of these weapons have actually been created but they are still extremely prized and valuable. Even though the weapon is Oriental in basic design, the sword seem to have all been created in England. Some believe that the Alchemist lives in the city of London which has now been taken over by the minions of the Splugorth.

The Alchemist appears to have the finest of Dwarven weapon smiths, likely slaves, craft the weapons and are incredible weapons on their own right. They are extremely sharp and well balanced and are as fine a Katana as you will find anywhere including Japan. While the enchantments don't make the weapon indestructible, the Katana is extremely tough and hard to damage. The blade of the weapon can be repaired through the use of the spell of “Mend the Broken” as long as it is not destroyed. Most are engraved with lightning bolts running down the blade. The sword hand guard is crafted from dragon or demon bone and has the rune of "Permanency" engraved into it. Surrounding those engravings are the design of dragons. The hand guard is indestructible through the enchantments placed on it. The hand itself is the wand of power and the wood of the wand is molded through magic to fit perfectly. Silk knot work similar to traditional Japanese swords completes the weapon. The weapons are works of art even without the enchantments.

Enchant Weapon (Minor) when cast on weapons normally requires the permanent expense of magical energy. There are a few ways of getting around this including using the magic energy from another. The Alchemist gets around this in a different manner. He casts the temporary version of "Enchant Weapon" as well as the spell of "Power Weapon" but makes both permanent through the use of a rune of permanency. The whole weapon could be made indestructible if made from demon or dragon bone but it is very difficult to get enough bone to make a whole blade. From the "Wand of Power" which makes up the handle of the sword, the weapon has all the standard abilities. The weapon gives the possessor invulnerability which is always active and also gives the ability to cast Energy Disruption, Call Lightning, Armor of Ithan, Superhuman Strength, and Negate Magic up to five times total per day. The lightning gets fired from the blade.

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