Flaming Death (Composite Magic Item):

One of the rarer types of magic items are those which combine corrupted Millennium Tree Wands with other kinds of magic. The weapon known as "Flaming Death" is even more unusual because it is enchanted with necromantic magic. Only a handful of these blades are known to exist with evidence being that these weapons are made in Africa possible in Egypt. Who actually makes these weapons is unknown. Many of the possessors of these swords are quite infamous.

These weapons are two handed sword with the blade burning constantly. There are several styles of blades, often either is a Kris style or with sharp spines. No two of these swords are exactly the same. The hand guard and pommel of the sword is carved from bone. The design of a skull usually makes up the pommel and often there is a raised skull design on either side of the hand guard. Some designs have the skull designs more or less human shaped while others are badly misshapen. Other than the guard and pommel, the handle of the sword is carved from wood. This is the corrupted millennium tree wand.

Of incredible quality, these weapons seem to be forged by Dwarven sword smiths. Few others have the skill to make such weapons. If they are made by Dwarven smiths, it is most likely that they are enslaved. These two handed sword are as well balanced as any sword can be. The blades are not actually indestructible but are extremely difficult to damage.

The blade is made through the combination of three spells. These spells are "Enchant Weapon: Lesser," "Power Weapon,"and "Flaming Weapon." All of the enchantments are sealed with a ward of permanency on the bone handle. The handle itself appears to be either dragon bone or demon bone. Because the blade is constantly on fire, it has to be carried in a scabbard which is impervious to fire.

The weapon only carries three enchantments. The first is flaming skeletons. Twelve flaming skeletons can be created per casting. A second spell is the ability to create a set of bone armor around the wearer. The fine is the ability to throw fire balls. Each spell can be cast twice per day.


Spells: The sword can each spell up to two times in a 24 hour period from the following list (Cast at Sixth Level of Caster)

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